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About NorthBeast 

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My name is Alissa, and I have worked full-time in the pet care field since May of 2017. I grew up with a menagerie of animals, including fluffy samoyeds, stubborn cats, zebra finches, parakeets, and hamsters. All of our animals were adored, and we'd take family pictures featuring all our furry and feathered critters on a yearly basis. The mechanics were awkwardly hilarious, and pictures adorable (see Gallery). I have been walking dogs and caring for the pets of friends and neighbors since I was a preteen, and greatly enjoy this work.

I have worked in a variety of fields since college, and when it comes down to it animals are my passion. I walk dogs up to 14 miles a day, give snuggles and exercise to cats and birds, and find that I am delightfully happy in this occupation. There is something to be said about having each day filled with joy, and that is what I have found since I began working in pet care. I hope to share this joy with you, too!

Since smartphones have come in to play, it is easy to take photos of your pets during a visit and I love to do so. I will provide you some quality cuddle, play, or walk pictures while I'm tending to your furry, finned or feathered pet.

I am a lifelong animal lover, and so enjoy surrounding myself with friendly beasts of all kinds. My husband and I currently have 3 geriatric cats- Samwise and Cleo (siblings), and orange tabby Ozzie. We adore all 3, and have decided that we want them to be able to live out their dotage before adding a dog or other animal to the mix. In the meantime, I really miss having more animals in my life, and would be so happy to give your special pet my attention

NorthBeast serves the following communities:

Northeast and North Minneapolis, Columbia Heights, Fridley, St Anthony, New Brighton, and parts of Mounds View, Roseville, and Falcon Heights. If you live in one of these communities and are interested in assistance caring for your pet, please review the services provided and contact me to schedule a meet and greet appointment. I look forward to adding more wags, whiskers, feathers, and fins to the NorthBeast family.

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