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Testimonials from Clients

Dewey (2).jpg

Since my fiancé and I found Alissa in early 2018, we often ask ourselves how we ever lived without her. Our 8-year old Wheaten Dewey is a sweet guy but can be quite anxious. After moving into the Northeast area and starting new jobs, we found we needed pet care that was both reliable and flexible. We hit the jackpot when we found Alissa, and have become regular clients of her walking and overnight pet sitting services. Alissa is often the most calming and reliable part of our daily lives; a true professional. Relative to other pet care relationships that we have had over the years – even the best of them – she is more considerate, thoughtful, and proactive. I find myself regularly asking for her opinion on many things because her experience and knowledge is so evident. I hope we will be clients of Alissa’s for many years and simply cannot recommend NorthBeast enough.

                                                                    -Molly, NorthEast Minneapolis

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Biff 2.jpg

My 14-year-old beagle needed more frequent potty breaks than I could give him on my work days, and I was fortunate to come across Alissa. At our first “meet-n-greet”, she was down on the floor with him, petting him and asking all kinds of questions about his care and preferences which showed me she takes her job seriously.  She was so gentle and sweet with him.  She stops in twice a week to take my dog out for a walk, and has also stopped in to care for my two cats when I’ve been out of town.  I love getting the reports from her visits—complete with photos—about what my three boys were up to while I was at work.  It gives me great peace of mind knowing that my boys are being cared for! We are blessed to have found Alissa!

                         - Becky, Columbia Heights

Alissa is really great with my boys...Crouton and Bourbon!  She’s always extremely flexible with her schedule, and communicates about everything.  When she comes to play with the boys, she sends proof of life pics-she might want to look into being a pet photographer too!  She feeds them, makes sure they go to the bathroom, plays, and cuddles with them!  I never worry when Alissa is watching my pups-I know they’re in the hands of the very best! 

                                                                - Jacque, Columbia Heights

Bourbon pounce Crouton (2).jpg
Crouton+Bourbon noses.jpeg
Crouton+Bourbon 2
Finnegan snow (2).jpg

Alissa took the time to get to know my dog, Finnegan, and works with him on training, which leads to better walks. She's patient and kind, and I can tell from the pictures she sends that my dog truly loves and enjoys her presence. 

                           - Jenelle, New Brighton

Alissa is our go-to when we have to work longer-than-usual days or when we plan to spend a day at a wedding or other event. Our lab, Becca, absolutely adores her. When Alissa comes to the door, Becca knows she's going to get a nice, long walk, fresh water, lots of pets, and treats. And we know that our girl is in wonderful, caring hands as she sends us a summary and photos after each walk. Becca can be timid, but it took almost no time at all for her to warm up to Alissa and recognize her as a friend. Thank you! 

                                                               -Anna & Nick, NE Minneapolis


Alissa has been taking care of our 3 cats multiple times. We don’t worry about our little ones at all, as on top of taking care of the basics of food, water and litter, she also gives our asthmatic Sumu her daily inhaler, gives them pets and play time and even brushes our two longhaired ones when they allow. Her daily messages & pics make us feel very comfortable when away.

                      -Heidi, Columbia Heights

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